If you have a teenager or older that you are aware hangs around the youth shelter/Small hall car park in Cliffe - Please have a word with them to teach them some respect for property!!!

So far the Parish Council have had to deal with not only the huge amount of litter that is left around this area daily but the vandalism that has occur recently is just utterly unacceptable!

There have been a serious amount of thefts/break ins at the allotments!! Along side this, the recently installed CCTV cameras in the car park have been smashed up and were found in the youth shelter!!

The latest report of vandalism this morning is a fire in the youth shelter which has now ruined the flooring!
The youths of Cliffe have so much – An amazing play park, Ball court, Skate Park and Youth Shelter but there is minority of youth out there that have no respect for what is given to them!!! DON’T LET THEM SPOIL IT FOR OTHERS!!

So I am shouting out to the parents of these Kids/young adults – HAVE A WORD!!


Laura Farrelly, Clerk (Responsible Finance \Officer)


Crunch Time for Community Facilities

There are plans to do a little community payback and get a group of kids to refurbish the bus shelter at the 6 Bells - just waiting for names of volunteers.

There will be suggestions that we remove the Youth Shelter now and although I do not support this, I understand where they are coming from. So much good stuff is provided for them and then the minority spoil it. There is a Youth Club on the third Monday of each month in the Small Hall, Memorial Hall at 7, but if is poorly attended at the moment and is in danger of closing.

There is an open invitation for youth to get involved and suggest what they want to do - no excuse for 'boredom', via a Youth Parish Council. There is even a budget provision in the parish council.

Chris Fribbins, Chair Cliffe and Cliffe Woods Parish Council

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 Mr Chris Fribbins

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