The Parish Council is not a decision making body for Planning purposes and does not decide whether an application is approved(Usually with conditions) or rejected (with reasons). This will normally fall to Medway Council’s Planning Department or Planning Committee. If the application is refused the applicant would normally have six months to decide whether to appeal against the refusal or not. An appeal is conducted by the Planning Inspectorate and may be decided by written representations (for and against the refusal) or in some circumstances a local inquiry when written representations can be supplemented by a personal appearance and, possibly, a site meeting (where general representations are not allowed - only specific ones agreed by the Inspector. In some cases the decision may be referred tp the relevant Government minister for ratification or rejection).

Medway’s decisions have to be made with regard to the Medway Towns Local Plan (Local Development Framework) and regional & national policies and guidance.

The Parish Council is a statutory (legal) consultee on almost all planning matters that directly affect the Parish area or on its borders. This means that we are also consulted on some Kent County Council and Gravesham Borough Council planning issues that affect our borders with them, even occasionally developments across the River Thames in Essex.

Parish Policies and availability of Planning Documentation

We have to treat every application on its merits and should bear in mind local, regional and national guidance for our responses to be effective. Of course we do have the advantage of local knowledge and this can also help our representations. A copy of the plan drawings and other submission documents by the applicant used to be sent to the Parish Council and made available to local residents, but this has now been withdrawn by Medway Council and we have to reply on online internet access in almost all cases (occasionally an applicant may consult directly with us but that is rare).

We would normally object to applications that :-



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