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Outline Planning Application MC/11/2516 had stalled because of the SSSI implications but was revived in Februaryt 2014 with a fresh (Refresh) set of documents. Consultation on these plans finished of 14th April 2014. Members of the Parish Council attende both the Special Rural Liaison Committee (Medway Council) and the exhibitions at Lodge Hill. Concerns had not been addressed and the Parish Council objected. Our response was :-

Outline planning application with some matters reserved (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) for the demolition of existing buildings and development of a mixed use settlement comprising up to 5000 residential units, up to 36,750 sqm GEA of B1 business floorspace, up to 7,350 sqm GEA B2 business floorspace, up to 3251 sqm GEA convenience retail floorspace A1, up to 2070 sqm GEA comparison retail floorspace A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, secondary school, 3 primary schools, community facility, healthcare facility, assisted living facility, nursing home, garden centre, two hotels, water bodies and associated infrastructure works including access, roads, informal and formal open space, pedestrian, cyclist and public transport infrastructure, utilities, car and cycle parking

The Parish Council raised a number of concerns with the original outline planning application, but these comments are based on the extensive list of refresh documents submitted recently. However the initial reaction is that little has changed, and further concerns have been identified. The summary is that the council wish to object to the application in its current form. Areas of concern are :-



Implications of not developing Lodge Hill

More Information will be posted here as the development proceeds (or not!)

Parish Clerk
 Mr Chris Fribbins

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